Hey, do you want to know in how many different ways it’s possible to die in Dwarf Fortress?

1 - Getting bitten by an alligator and drowned by it while it shakes your head around.

2 - Getting an iron bolt stuck on your lung so you cannot breathe and die by suffocation.

3 - Trying to swim against the stream and drowning in the process.

4 - Getting ambushed and brutally murdered while you sleep.

5 - Getting outnumbered 4 - 1 and slaughtered by Goblins

6 - Not seeing the archer at the corner of the room and getting a fatal arrow stuck in your lung and upper spine.

7 - Managing to somehow get the roof to fall over you. (threadhack)

8 - Accidentally digging your own grave by digging a ditch and forgetting about the way out of the ditch. (threadhack)

9 - Falling off of a waterfall. (threadhack)

10 - Getting eaten by a carp after crossing to the wrong side of the river just before the spring thaw. (threadhack)

11 - Motherfucking dwarven atom smasher.


Hey, send your own deaths to me, would you? Let’s make this a BIG post? Your blogs will be linked! Ask here!

 I got my fortress (and world) ended for non-dwarvish ways. Actually, it was an accident while I was sniffing around the DF folder. So, I decided to create another world, but it will be Adventure Mode focused, since the only thing that isn’t “Very High” in the settings is the World Size. Wish me luck!


 Lately, these days, I chose to accept the “challenge” to learn how to play the legendary, yet somewhat unknown and underrated Dwarf Fortress. And so I started, began on Adventurer Mode so I could get used to the interface and such. With the Wiki’s aid, playing the game proved to be easier than I thought. Of course, all this with the help of a Graphic Pack, I don’t care much about graphics, but I wouldn’t be able to face the game with it’s classic ASCII.

 My first Adventurer, if I so remember, was a Human Lasher, born in a small hamlet in a small island, somewhere. He managed to kill 2 bandits on his own before getting brutally murdered by the 3rd. Then, many Adventurers came and went. Swordsmen, hammermen, macemen, spearmen and a marksdwarf. Some died to Goblin’s, some died to bandits, some died to Boogeyman. Blast those creatures!

 Then, I decided it was time to settle my first fortress and I felt that the world I was playing on wasn’t fit for it, so, another world was created, and a fortress (or the beggining of it) was settled. With the aid of the Wiki, I managed to get 19 happy dwarves in my fortress, but that was NOT supposed to happen: in my opinion, the imigrants arrived too son! We had a food and water crisis, mostly because I didn’t know how to get water or food and the small farm plot I had I didn’t how to make it work: I didn’t set Plump Helmets to be farmed every station of the year. In fact, nothing was being produced. So, the fortress was abandoned, just when I was working on the bedroom’s design!

 So, I started another fortress, which is the one I’m playing right now. So far it has 15 dwarves, an imigrant caravan arrived, but I managed to get enough food and alcoholic beverage for all. I have the basic workshop’s as well and now I’m working on the bedroom’s, making beds, chests and cabinets for them and planning on making an average dinning hall. Yes, just average.

 I hope this fortress prosper, but since it’s only my second one, I’m not sure. Being this pretty much the diary from a newbie player, don’t expect many nice things to be posted here too soon, but do expect a lot of fun going on!

 Oh, there was just one nice thing that happened, I had this puncher/kicker dwarf character for fun purposes only, he had just beated 2 lion’s to death and was with a broken hand, a missing hand and a wounded foot, and he asked a Human Lasher for Service and the reply was “Death shall find you soon enough”. Though I’ve already posted this here on my main blog, it’s worth putting this here as well.